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Client Solutions

A focused and versatile organization implementing and supporting a range of mission critical and operational services.
Staff Recruitment and Augmentation

ODS provides organizations with expert level staff capable of seamlessly integrating into teams and meeting even the most complex projects and business goals.

The key component of our staff recruitment and augmentation process is that we identify the strengths of your current team, and what components are required to augment or enhance their existing skill sets, while also maintaining an awareness of synergies and skill sets that complement one another. This is particularly important when evaluating new and existing project lifecycles, as training and staffing across projects and disciplines often consume unnecessarily large percentages of budgets. By augmenting existing staff with vetted and experienced professionals who fill specific roles as specialists, rather than generalists, an organization can become more fluid and responsive to change. The more adaptable an organization is, the more successful it becomes in meeting new and evolving changes. As a result, both profits and performance can be increased, while at the same time improving the overall capabilities of an organization.

Cyber Security and Information Assurance

ODS has been and continues to be an industry leader in information assurance, information protection, and cybersecurity services since 2001.

With almost twenty years of experience in information assurance across both digital and paper protocols, coupled with a focus on cybersecurity and protection of digital data, ODS brings the critically important legacy mindset historically associated with information assurance and marries it to the more recent discipline of cybersecurity. This provides industry best practices across two oft misunderstood disciplines, ensuring that both standards are met or exceeded, thereby assuring the integrity of information systems across all mediums.

Systems Integration

ODS designs and implements cross-platform, custom applications and enhances legacy applications for commercial, public sector, and federal clients.
Legacy systems developers are well aware of the phenomenon known as stove piping, where systems function according to their environment, and not necessarily in tandem with other components or initiatives in the same ecosystem. ODS has significant experience working with and at times around the limitations legacy applications can present. This experience, coupled with years of experience implementing modern software and hardware ecosystems, qualifies us as masters in the field of systems integration. We have worked across all versions of every modern and legacy operating system and continue to expand our knowledge with each new iteration of old or newly released systems. This enables us to fully manage and deploy every type of systems integration initiative, allowing us to increase overall value to the customer.

ODS delivers highly professional and innovative concierge level IT services that meet the demands of today’s scalable Technology, Consulting, and Service needs.
Information Technology Services describes a broad range of services and supporting technologies, but in a nutshell, it’s every element of IT service necessary for the successful operation of an organization. While it may appear straightforward in principle, the truth is it’s anything other than simple. No one person is capable of mastering all of it, meaning a competent manager will usually be a jack of all trades and master of none, whereas a capable technician will be a master engineer or one or more disciplines, but relatively unfamiliar with others. As a result, the most successful IT Services teams are often built like military special operations teams, with command providing broad knowledge and tactical oversight, while fielded units are expert level specialists dedicated to fulfilling their specific roles. ODS excels in this environment and is capable of providing the best teams available in the Information Technology Services field.

Program and Project Management

ODS offers full life cycle management, adapting to meet organizational needs for scalability, innovation, security, accessibility, usability, and compliance.
At ODS, we work for you. Nowhere is this more apparent than our approach to Program and Project Management. Our management teams are well versed in both disciplines, and we assign a program manager to assist every project manager, assuring the command principles of C4I are met not just at the project level, but also at the critical program level. This facilitates and streamlines forward planning and operational control within command structures, while still allowing individual project managers the necessary flexibility to adapt to and overcome challenges as they present themselves.

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