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Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

ODS has been and continues to be an industry leader in information assurance, information protection, and cybersecurity services since 2001.

With almost twenty years of experience in information assurance across both digital and paper protocols, coupled with a focus on cybersecurity and protection of digital data, ODS brings the critically important legacy mindset historically associated with information assurance and marries it to the more recent discipline of cybersecurity. This provides industry best practices across two oft misunderstood disciplines, ensuring that both standards are met or exceeded, thereby assuring the integrity of information systems across all mediums.

With these standards in mind, there are seven metrics of cybersecurity you should be aware of, and ideally actively monitoring in your organization.

If any of these sound like something your organization might not be keeping up with, you may want to contact ODS for a no-risk consultation, where we’ll evaluate your systems and make recommendations based on our experience and the level of risk your organization is exposed to. Contact us for additional details.

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