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  • John Barnette

Keeping Our Community Clean

Updated: May 26, 2021

On a semi-breezy but blistering morning, my Daughter and I set out to conduct community service. As we took to Roosevelt Avenue to pick up trash along the wayside, random motorists honked their horns and threw up shakas as they passed by. Their reactions to the roadside cleanup, although well received and appreciated, were not expected. It soon became clear to us that we (people) can make a difference with the simplest of actions. The old adage of, “see a need, fill a need,” at that particular moment took on a whole new meaning for us. Introspection, it doesn’t take an enormous amount of effort to make an enormous impact on someone's life. In our case, all it took were gloves, trash bags, face masks, and a willing attitude.

John and Juel Barnette - Community Cleanup!

What can you do?

During this holiday season, ask yourself if there is a need that you can fill in someone's life. As our example demonstrates, it doesn't take an army of people with unlimited resources to make a difference. All it takes is you.

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