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  • John Barnette

Trends in Data Management

As a CompTIA Corporate Member, it is our pleasure to present, for your reading consumption, “Trends in Data Management.” The attached research report explores current trends in data management, as well as strategies that organizations can adopt (comprehensive data policies, methods around capturing, processing, and analyzing data) in response to the expanding set of data issues.

One of the greatest challenges to data management, based on our experience, is (1) realizing the value of data, and (2) utilizing it to improve existing operations. Prime example, we were tasked with determining how we were going to meet customer expectations on a particular project in which resources were very limited. Subsequently, data management helped us to identify trends, determine where resources should be targeted and when, and was vital for educating the customer on how prior management decisions directly impacted the ability to accomplish the mission. Going forward, we were able to utilize data management as a strategic tool for informing decision-making and effectively responding to shifting priorities. However, as the report highlights, we did not have adequate tools or internal IT employees dedicated to data management or data analysis. Therefore, we had to develop an inhouse process that was effective, albeit complex and time consuming.

Please take the opportunity to download the report, read it, and comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Trends in Data Management
Download PDF • 4.96MB

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