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Staff Recruitment and Augmentation

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The key component of our staff recruitment and augmentation process is that we identify the strengths of your current team, and what components are required to augment or enhance their existing skill sets, while also maintaining an awareness of synergies and skill sets that complement one another. This is particularly important when evaluating new and existing project lifecycles, as training and staffing across projects and disciplines often consume unnecessarily large percentages of budgets. By augmenting existing staff with vetted and experienced professionals who fill specific roles as specialists, rather than generalists, an organization can become more fluid and responsive to change. The more adaptable an organization is, the more successful it becomes in meeting new and evolving changes. As a result, both profits and performance can be increased, while at the same time improving the overall capabilities of an organization.

Often there are instances where traditional staffing needs can’t realistically be met by internal human resources staff, no matter how effective they are. Other times an organization may need to meet short-term needs or seasonal requirements. When this happens, it’s almost always a better investment to use an organization like ODS to meet staff recruitment needs. You can save both time and money. An added benefit of our staff is their experience across disciplines and in multiple organizations. This allows them to work more efficiently in difficult environments and essentially hit the ground running.

However, there may be times where an organization needs a particular skill set, but not actually a new employee or even a temporary employee. Rather, the organization needs a role filled while a new team member is trained and mentored into that role. When this happens, ODS can help your organization to scale up and down significantly faster than through traditional hiring processes.

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