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Tripler Army Medical Center

Optimal Defense Solutions ensured the delivery of IT, Visual Information (VI), and Administrative services to the Information Management Division (IMD) at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC), and the Warrior Ohana Medical Clinic (WOMH), with infrequent support services at Schofield Barracks Health Clinic (SBHC) and Ft. Shafter. In fulfilling our role as the project manager, we focused on the broader objective of providing high quality, safe, patient-centered healthcare; sustaining and building medical capacity and capability; and ensuring a medically ready force in order to optimize the health readiness, and resiliency of America’s fighting forces.

This project is an excellent example of the ODS capacity to work within existing information technology infrastructures while bringing new technology and enhancing application deployment to improve overall project implementation. By way of example, this project allowed us to demonstrate our project and program management skill sets. We were able to install and manage systems according to complex plans while overcoming obstacles and hurdles which would otherwise have delayed implementation of these new mission-critical systems. The project was well received, and we look forward to further developing these systems on future expansions.

Tripler Army Medical Center was founded four years after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and is the only Pacific Basin tertiary care federal hospital. With approximately 2,000 patients, TAMC proudly supports more than 264,000 retired and active duty military personnel, veteran beneficiaries, military families, forward-deployed forces throughout the Pacific (more than 40 countries), and residents of nine jurisdictions affiliated with the US.

The Warrior Ohana Medical Clinic is a patient-centered medical home. What this means is that patients agree to partner with nurses and a family medicine provider. These professionals then take care of the individual or family’s health, arranging individual care through the assistance of a team of professionals. This includes pharmacists, specialists, and behavioral health specialists. As a general rule, this is one of the most responsive and effective types of care available, with same-day appointments, a broad range of options in terms of how to access medical care, and enhanced nursing roles. The intent of service is to promote a spirit of wellness and health.

Ft. Shafter is a US Military base located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Army’s 25th Infantry division is stationed here and has been responsible for the defense of Hawaii as far back as 1921. Currently, there are about 8,000 active duty service personnel, 12,000 family members, and another 8,000 civilians posted to Fort Shafter.

Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC)
Strativa LLC

Project Management

Honolulu, Hawaii


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