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US Geological Survey

Optimal Defense Solutions provided facility support services, to include light custodial, light facilities maintenance, assembly of components, sorting of materials, and the preparation of materials for shipment. These services were provided in support of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) on Hilo, Hawaii.

In the initial staff recruitment and augmentation phase of this task, ODS first reviewed existing staff and personnel at the HVO site. Once this review was completed, personnel deficiencies and task overlap were identified. This allowed ODS personnel to add staff where core deficiencies existed. However, in areas where task overlap was identified, ODS was able to reduce apply staff augmentation solutions. This enabled team members to assist in the performance of additional tasks, adding value to the project, reducing the cost to the client, and improving the overall morale of team members.

This is an excellent example of how staff augmentation serves as a force multiplier when properly applied to in-place staff. The fact that ODS had placed their own staff in addition to augmenting staff enabled us to significantly improve the role staff augmentation served in our performance at the job site. Identifying and retaining staff capable of performing specialist tasks is invaluable at small locations such as the HVO, where there are usually approximately 25 people working. Staff augmentation also results in marked improvements to performance and mission goals.

While on site, each of our personnel performed multiple concurrent tasks. Examples include but were not limited to performing facilities maintenance and custodial activities at the same time. During this process, the staff identified areas in which they could seamlessly assist in place government staff. This was done while performing their own tasks as defined by in place supervisors. Overall, the ODS contribution to team synergy helped to facilitate a pleasant work environment for everyone.

The HVO is tasked with monitoring, investigating, and assessing hazards presented by earthquakes and active volcanoes in Hawaii. The results of this work are communicated to emergency managers, the public, and the scientific community. Work performed at this site is extremely important. Generally, specialists and scientists are employed. These specialists and scientists are focused on fields including, but not limited to, geology, geophysics, geophysical instruments, seismology, computer technology, radio systems, administration, maintenance, and media and public communication. Over the years, the assistance of contract teams and experts like ODS have been invaluable to the mission of the HVO.

The work performed by ODS in support of the HVO was instrumental in assisting the residents of Hawaii in their ability to be prepared to react to volcanic activity, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. These risks are factors residents of the Hawaiian Islands must deal with on a constant basis, but their awareness and ability to react quickly to dangers can’t be overstated. HVO scientists continue to monitor and learn from these hazards, which constantly improves their understanding and ability to react. This makes us all safer.

Optimal Defense Solutions is pleased to have assisted in this important mission.

US Geological Survey

Staff Recruitment and Augmentation Solutions

Hilo, Hawaii


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