Why Choose ODS?

When the best choice is your only choice, ODS is the organization you need to accomplish mission-critical tasks.

At ODS, we believe that every customer deserves the highest level of attention and care. We also believe that customer service is the most important aspect of our business. The way in which we treat our customer is a direct reflection of the way in which we treat ourselves. Subsequently, we believe that the best attention and care that we can provide for our customers starts with our employees. Satisfied employees engender satisfied customers, which is why we take care of our employees first.

The strategy of putting employees first uniquely positions ODS to deliver the most up to date and functional technology solutions and application platforms in the world. More specifically, this technique enables us to attract and maintain the most experienced and talented industry experts, and pair their knowledge with best in class corporate and private services, to create a truly individualized approach to the services we offer. Furthermore, we’re able to identify and eliminate distractions in advance, thereby maintaining a customer-centric focus and dedication to excellence.

Corporate Vision

Our corporate vision involves delivering concierge level IT consulting, support, and management services, enabling us to support and nurture the growth and success of our customer’s businesses as both partner and trusted advisor. This relationship ensures the solutions and professional services our clients receive are truly exceptional, scalable, and reliable.

Customer Values

We deliver a level of attention and detail that is unrivaled in the IT industry, because we base our needs on what our clients value and benefit from most. As such, services are custom tailored to each client, with customized IT solutions enabling clients to meet their business objectives.

Service Culture

Our service culture is built on decades of experience shared among skilled professionals uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class IT solutions to a global customer base. We reward performance, support professional development, provide career growth opportunities, and value each individual’s contribution to the success of our clients and our shared mission.

It Makes Sense

For many in the civilian and military defense contracting industries, emphasis is placed on what has been done more so than what can be done, or even what could have been done better. Here at ODS, we proudly display the history of what we have accomplished in the past, but remain focused on the fact that our continued success is dependent on your success. In order to succeed it is essential for us to train and maintain personnel in the latest and newest technologies and methodologies. By ensuring our personnel maintain expertise and awareness of groundbreaking and innovative new technologies, we are able to provide cutting edge solutions while enabling clients to later seamlessly transition into the technologies and applications of the future.

More importantly, as those of you who are in or have worked with military and government organizations will be aware, we are able to identify technologies which may appear suitable for civilian and defense applications yet can fail to deliver in key performance areas. Likewise, there are occasions where an application which may initially appear unsuited to specific areas of commercial or government use may in fact be the best choice for a given environment or set of circumstances. In each of these cases, we can identify, explain, and provide a comprehensive and detailed cost benefit analysis of established and developing solutions.

ODS invests and reinvests into both our corporate capabilities and the abilities of our personnel. In doing so we are able to bring you the highest levels of operational, technical, and regional capability available in any equally specialized shop. Contact us for more information on our programs, offerings, and availability in your area.

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