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Why Trust ODS?

We possesses the capacity, integrity, tenacity, and perseverance to deliver the best value service to our customers.


  • We have supported all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, in numerous capacities and venues.
    We have an assortment of incredibly talented and diverse individuals who proactively identify and implement solutions to problems and enhance existing client operations.

  • We have the necessary organization, experience, accounting and operational controls, and technical skills to provide the best value service to our customers.

  • We have sufficient resources to perform contracts to satisfaction. 

  • We have the capacity to comply with required or proposed delivery or performance schedules. 


  • We conduct business in a manner above reproach, with complete impartiality and preferential treatment for none. 

  • We have a written code of business ethics and conduct, as well as a business ethics and compliance training program, and an internal control system that (1) facilitates timely discovery and disclosure of improper conduct in connection with Government contracts; and (2) ensures corrective measures are promptly instituted and carried out.

  • We strictly avoid any conflict of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest in customer relationships.


  • We are committed to providing training, professional development, and other resources necessary for maintaining and improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities for all employees, both with regard to their particular area of responsibility within the Company, and their respective role on a  specific project.

  • We are committed to maintaining the trust of our customers.

  • We are committed to open communication among team members, internal and external customers and agencies.

  • We are committed to conducting business with integrity, fairness, and openness.


  • We have a track record of successful past performance.

  • We are responsive and adaptive to customer needs, concerns, and feedback.

  • We are flexible in order to accommodate changing or unforeseen mission needs.

  • We are qualified and eligible to receive contract awards under applicable laws and regulations.

  • We exercise personal initiative and sound business judgement in providing the best value service to meet the customer's need.

  • We apply sufficient tenacity and perseverance to perform acceptably. 

  • We work tirelessly to meet the quality requirements of the contract in order to achieve satisfactory performance. 

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